Slide We Farm Organic products in our
certified farm
Slide We Transform Our agricultural production
in unique and tasty excellences
Slide Excellences Our vision for a new culture
of food welness


Tonda Gentile del Monferrato hazelnuts only without preservatives, colorings or additives, partly toasted and partly raw, a little sugar, and a little bit of albumen,
Our desserts are prepared in various recipes and offered a choice of packages.


Hand made Lingue and Grissini: a dry bread enriched with our Tonda Gentile del Monferrato hazelnuts which increase its crunchiness and make them unique and exclusive. Baked and offered you in various packages.


Egg and water pasta handmade and bronze drawn, which is one of the specialties of Piedmontese cuisine. We make it with flour combined with our Tonda Gentile del Monferrato hazelnuts that give perfume and flavor.

Monviso’s silhouette represents southern Piedmont, where lands of great food and wine excellences loved by the whole world lies: Monferrato and Langhe.

Customized delights

I BO Bio products can become precious gifts in elegant customized boxes with your logo on.

Gift boxes

Excellence The Bio Bio can become precious gifts in elegant personalized boxes with your logo to seal your excellence.