Flavour and aroma of our hazelnuts are the soul of our products.

We can’t stop thinking new sweet and savoury delights representing our land.


Only nocciole tonde gentili trilobate del Monferrato, without preservatives, dyes or additives, half toasted and the rest raw, a dash of sugar, and a little egg white, to make them very soft, offered in various packages, both in elegant personalised gift boxes or bags as well as loose, by weight for refill purposes.

Gluten-free certified product!!!


Gadàn, from the Piedmontese dialect, defines a slightly lazy person just like our Gadàn who lie on the plates in the center of the table as a small pastry, perfectly matching with coffee for all your pauses.
Only grailed hazelnuts gentle round of Monferrato a little sugar, and a little egg white without preservatives, dyes or additives.

Gluten-free certified product!!!


A Piedmontese saying is that “The love sensebasìn a l’é pan sensa sal“, (love without basins is like bread without salt). The Basìn are small kisses of hazelnut checkers that represent our love and the love of our land for quality. Monferrato’s gentle round trilobate hazelnuts toasted, a little rice flour and a little corn flour, sugar, a little egg white, some butter and lots of dark chocolate. No preservatives, dyes or additives.

Gluten-free certified product!!!


The most classic of hazelnut delights, the cake, triumph of toasted and raw hazelnuts.
Without preservatives, dyes or additives, it is the typical specialty of Piedmont, made with trilobate round hazelnuts of Monferrato and raw materials at Km 0. Vacuum-packed to maintain its scent and fragrance.

Gluten-free certified product!!


Spreadable cream, made with 55 of our TGT hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa, without any kind of fat or added oil, without preservatives, dyes or additives.
In the dark, gianduja and natural versions.

Hazelnut Grissini

The breadstick,gh’rsinin Piedmont, a famous product of Piedmont gastronomy, as well as
one of the best known of Italian cuisine around the world. Traditionally, its birth dates back to 1679, in order to feed the future King Victor Amedeo II. They are enriched with our gentle round hazelnuts trilobate of Monferrato that enhance its crispness and that make them unique and exclusive

Hazelnut Lingue

The hazelnut Lingue are a typical Piedmont etched oven product, thin in shape, irregular and elongated, pulled by hand. They are a dry bread, halfway between a breadstick and a yeast bread, enriched with our gracious trilobate hazelnuts of Monferrato,which increase its crunchiness and that make them unique and exclusive.

Hazelnut Tajarin

Long egg pasta handmade and drawn to bronze, which is one of the specialties of Piedmont cuisine. We make it with organic flour and farmed eggs on the ground,combined with our gentle round hazelnuts trilobate of Monferrrato that give scent and flavor.
A unique specialty as is unique to our territory.