The historical records of i Bo dates back to 1601 when among the most recurrent names in the municipality of Carentino there was the name “Rubens” which in 1681 had turned into “Rossi”.
The name Rubens suggests Valdensian origin, arriving in the area with the war of the Monferrato that after the persecution by the Savoy was turned into Rossi.

The “i Bo” farmhouse is located in an area dedicated to agriculture with specialization in vineyards.
In the 70s the new generation abandoned the vineyards for a traditional agriculture.

With the new generational leap we decided to return to our roots, hence the message
“Return to Nature” which tells the essence of the company with the logo.

So we planted hazel groves of the renowned “tonda gentile trilobata del Piemonte”, developping a certified organic farm where we grow certified organic products that we transmit creating unique excellence.

We pursue the idea of a new culture of wellness in food where what we eat is not a simple food but wants to be above all a medicine for the body as well as for the spirit.

Our logo “i Bo” takes the shape of the hazel leaf which is also the image of our
horizon, where the profile of the Monviso rises with its skyline: it represents the southern Piedmont, which with the Monferrato and the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage site, is a land of great food and wine which are excellence loved by the whole world.