Hazelnuts “Grissini”

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Package 150 g

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The breadstick, “gh’rsin” in Piedmont, a famous product of Piedmont gastronomy, and one of the best known of Italian cuisine around the world.
Traditionally, its birth dates back to 1679, in order to feed the future King Victor Amedeo II.
They are enriched with our gentle trilobate Monferrato round hazelnuts that enhance their crunchiness and make them unique and exclusive.

Average nutritional values

For 100 grams

energia:                    449,6 kcal
grassi:                     17,984 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi: 2,86 g
carboidrati:                63,04 g
di cui zuccheri:            9,5 g
proteine:                   4,12 g
sale:                       2,5 g
potassio:                   136 mg