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Long, handmade, bronze-drawn egg pasta, one of the specialties of Piedmontese cuisine.


Available in bags or 250g box.

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Long egg pasta handmade and drawn to bronze, which is one of the specialties of Piedmont cuisine. We make it with organic flour and organic eggs, combined with our gentle trilobate Monferrato round hazelnuts that give aroma and flavor.
A unique specialty as unique is our territory.



Average nutritional values

For 100 grams

energia:                    1578 kJ/373 kcal
grassi:                     3,7 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi: 0,4 g
carboidrati:                70 g
di cui zuccheri:            4,0 g
fibre:                      3,8 g
proteine:                   13 g
sale:                       0,12 g